Renee Richardson’s list of Christmas wishes includes: more clients at her hair salon, fewer unsuitable dates, and some new friends for her troubled young son, Kieran. Little does she know that Kieran has already made a pal in their new town . . . a dog named Max, who he found in the woods. 
When Max gets caught in a snare, Kieran and his grandfather rescue the pup, and the whole family begins to bond with their four-legged guest, unaware that Max's owner is Travis Diehl, the first man to intrigue Renee since her divorce and the 'property' of her most important client. As a white Christmas becomes a bona fide blizzard, Kieran, Renee, and Max may all gain the gift they’ve been longing for—loyal companionship and a lifetime of love . . .


When her canine companion is diagnosed with a rare heart condition, Jennifer Westbrook takes a leave of absence from her busy PR job to give him the greatest road trip of his life. But when she tries to sneak Boomer into a NASCAR press box, her cover is blown by a curious (but very cute) reporter named Nathan Koslow. Boomer takes an instant shine to Nathan, unlike the other men in Jennifer's life, and soon the three of them are on the road together. But when the trip takes a wildly unexpected turn, it looks like the romance is over. Can Boomer reunite them before his time runs out?

Sometimes Love Needs a little nudge … from a cold, wet nose.


In a bid to save her hometown of Fossett, Oregon from economic collapse, Melanie MacDonald decides to run her border collie, Shep, for mayor. Problem is, she knows nothing about running a campaign. Enter Bryce MacDonald, a big-city lawyer and Melanie's ex, who agrees to help Shep get elected even as he hopes to win Melanie back. Shep, however, is not sure that Bryce deserves to be forgiven. The shaggy dog campaign attracts more attention than Shep could shake his tail at, including a charismatic TV reporter, an escaped convict, and a herd of fainting goats. Will Shep be able to save the town and the people he loves in time? 


Todd Dwyer isn't planning to adopt a dog, but when his Uncle Bertie dies and leaves his little mutt Archie homeless, Todd can't help himself. When things go awry the first night, though, Todd's girlfriend insists that Archie be given to his sister, Claire, whose rural home is a day's drive away. Todd and Archie hit the road, but circumstances force them to make a detour to a quaint hotel run by Todd's childhood friend, Emma Carlisle. Will Archie's canine instincts help Todd and Emma see the happiness that's right under their noses?